Monday, February 24, 2014

Assumption Vs Truth

Making assumption and others believe in it is so common nowadays. People will jump into conclusion finding scapegoat without knowing what the root cause is.  Yes, this is one of the most important skills which I had learnt from my past experience. I may not be the Head or any high position in the company but I have enough experience to see things in many perspectives. I am so glad that God has blessed me from one job to another. Initially I didn’t understand why I am expanding my experience and knowledge horizontal instead of climbing up.

I learn to:

1. To speak only what is the truth and not assumption/speculation – to avoid unnecessary huh hah
2.  To always get to the root cause before jumping into conclusion
3. To sit into the other party shoe to know why this is happening – e.g. is the person aware of this issue? If nope why and if yes why is the problem persist?
4. To learn from the other party because they are the expert and to find way to improve the situation rather than finding fault – the ultimate ending is to have the process corrected and improved.

I will share in detail how each of my working experience give me a fresh experience and when I look back I have never regret even though a lot of my friends are already holding high position earning big bucks…

It is sad when wrong assumption is being speculated and it spread like disease causing the victim to suffer unnecessary. Typical human being loves to find and spread people’s negative. Just a question to think…how to I feel if I am being victimized for the things I didn’t do and I am not responsible plus nobody will listen to your explanation?