Sunday, February 16, 2014

CNY 2014

It was a quiet and simple CNY with the usual routine of visiting relatives around Klang Valley. My grandmother was in Klang Valley too so we didn’t drive up north this year. On addition to that, I was not able to get flight tickets; yes too last minute decision to actually fly up and rent a car would be worth the time than driving up since it would be a short trip. We would do a better plan for next year CNY.

Surprisingly, the hot and dry weather came much later of the CNY.

This year, we made a visit to any old friend (ex-GSK) Patricia Heng whom I met many many years in training and it was sooo nice to see her…

On top of that, yes the ex-poly DKB batch 2 CNY meeting at Coliseum and than Gene Ni resort condo… Even though not everyone could make it but we have a fun time yapping all the way….

The CNY ended on 15th day which coincidently falls on the same date as Valentine Day 14Feb2014…Double Valentine.