Monday, June 09, 2014

No more pumping for EL

It has been more than one week that both my breast pumps are slowly collecting dust.  I started by cutting the early morning pump, followed by the late evening pumping and last but not least, the noon pump has been slowly delay hour by hour till late evening. It is an emotional journey but the decision to stop was due to EL who hardly consumes any EBM during daytime. The maximum consumption is only 5oz.
Today, I will pack all the pumps and storage bottles/bags to be kept in a high cabinet until the day I am able to have the heart to depart with all these…
I am still direct feed her at night and in between she is taking fresh milk and also oat milk….
 It was indeed a journey of ups and downs…but I will still treasure the night feed for time being until she is completely wean off 100%...