Thursday, September 04, 2014

EL in playschool

Being the youngest, EL is rather spoilt. She is very tough and determine like girl. She would climb up the chair and then table just to see what her KorKor and JieJie are doing. However, she is still not able to go to Church Toddler by herself yet. We decided to send her to a playschool to keep her occupy.
Her first few weeks at playschool were tough screaming and crying when PohPoh was out of sight. Later she would make the teacher to carry her throughout the class while she does her screaming drama.  A few times when I sent her, upon turning to the road of her playschool, tears started to roll down from her eyes. Eventually, she found it was fun going to playschool. Now it was a brisk sending her to playschool. She would wave bye bye and follow the teacher into the playschool.
She would only be 2 in Dec2014 however she seems to grow up faster than her age