Saturday, July 23, 2016

JL - Journey in Music

He started during his kindy time keyboard and was supposed to move to piano once his fingers are stronger. However he realized he doesn't like this instrument but dare not tell us because he requested for music lesson. Being his parents we notice that...he stopped his lesson just before he enter Pri1 and coincidentally his music teacher Teacher Jin May Chua  migrated.She is a lovely teacher whom we still keep in touch occasionally

Later, for few years he requested for drum lesson but we said see first because we wanted to make sure this is serious and not just `hangat-hangat taik ayam`. However he never stop wishing for drum lesson...

It was unplanned when Melysa Soo-Hoo introduced me her joyful smiling student Isabel Tan Lyn Mey to be AL`s piano teacher...we found that she also teach drum lesson. Within 24 hours we reconfirm with JL if he still wants drum lesson and arrange the slot with teacher, he started his first lesson end of 2015 same time AL started her piano lesson with same teacher.

Our purpose for the kids to learn music as a form of therapy and relaxation...we hope they will use this skill as a tool of worship like how their Papa Othniel Lim using his self learn guitar to play for cell meeting worship... Teacher Isabel is indeed the teacher who is in sych with our wish. Exam will be secondary if they wish to take and ready to go for it...She is a music therapist. 

JL has only a drum pad which he uses as practising pad and he will have his lesson once a week in the music studio nearby. For those who have seen our apt, size is the issue to get him a drum...we hold on until we get a green light that he is ready to have one at home..

I am sure God will make a way both the right unit and financially. ...