Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple Dinner on weekdays…26-27July2010

Mummy wanted to cook simple dinner for PaPa and Mummy on weekdays (dinner). It was hard to start back after a long break since Mummy pregnant with AL. Mummy stopped cooking because Mummy could not take the smell of cooking.

Mummy was always a lousy cook and sorry to PaPa who had to swallow the food.

We had enough Bonuslink Points that PaPa redeemed another small Endo Thermal Pot just for PaPa and Mummy to use because the other small one, we had given to PohPoh to use for the kids. We had another medium size but it would be too big for PaPa and Mummy. Using a thermal pot, it was not encourage to use a big to cook small portion because the food would not be able to keep warm long enough.

Just a simple write-up to keep for Mummy’s record… Please don’t laugh yar at the outcome of the food presentation…

Monday 26July 2010

Mummy cooked simple vegetables, steamed eggs and steam chicken with rice wine. All was cooked without any salt but the eggs had some pepper with a bit of Kikkoman Light Sauce.

Tuesday 27July2010

Mummy prepared the night before by marinating the chicken with some Kikkoman Light Sauce, some dark sauce, pepper etc (whatever Mummy could find in the kitchen). Then Mummy cut some onion, carrot and potato, then washed and stored in an airtight container in the fridge.

On that morning, Mummy cooked the top tray rice. The main pot, Mummy would stir the onion with potato and carrot and later just poured the marinated chicken inside. Later, Mummy added some water and let it boil. Then Mummy would transfer the whole pot with the semi-cooked rice on top to the Thermal Pot Container.

Warm dinner was ready for that day… The taste was acceptable but not fantastic. However, the gravy not thick enough, Mummy had to cut the water amount in future.

Hopefully Mummy would be able to maintain the momentum to cook on weekdays…..

Mummy’s wishlist…an oven………


chinnee said...

oven for?

wen said...

its not funny so i wont laugh. i think u did great, as long as u have the heart to do it, it doesnt matter.. keep it up chanel!

chanelwong said...

to do more cooking n baking...JL has been asking me to bake for him...

jacss said...

sorry but i did laugh...d way u shy abt it was cute, :P
simple salt is good n healthy, good job!!