Tuesday, August 10, 2010

PohPoh’s 55th Birthday

PohPoh turned 55 on 30July2010. It was Friday and we decided to have dinner at Wong Poh since PohPoh loved crabs. For that day, she was allowed to eat as much as she one but other day we got to limit her due to health reason.

After dinner, we went to Sam Yee’s apartment to cut a specially ordered cake by Sam Yee. The cake was unique because it was made of fine black sesame with a layer of apple and honey cake. All three layers were nice combination (Honey Fuji Apple & Black Sesame Mousse Cake).

PohPoh got a nice Coach wristlet as gift from us. Yi Yee bought from her friend who brought from overseas. Hmmm…now PohPoh could join Yi Yee and Sam Yee each having Coach except Mummy. The wristlet was just nice for PohPoh to put her handphone, identity card, some dollar notes and gold coins for her daily usage.

Happy 55th Birthday to PohPoh !!!


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Happy birthday to your mum. She is soooooooooooo young!!!!!!

wen said...

happy birthday to ur mom. she is still young!!!

A Mom's Diary said...

Your mum is still so young :-)