Thursday, September 23, 2010

2010 Mooncake Festival

We don’t really celebrate Mooncake Festival in a big scale like some families but just wanted the kids to have fun carrying the lanterns. We also hardly buy mooncakes except one box (less sweet one) just to eat for fun.

The kids played lanterns a few times this year. AL was not scared of candles and carrying her lantern and swinging it around. She even kept blowing the candles off wherever PaPa lit any candles to set-up the lanterns.

AL would always say, “I want to play ‘Teng Lung’.”

They played their 1st session on 11Sept2010 (Saturday) at Mummy’s friend’s house in Puchong. JL and AL together with Mummy’s friend’s two kids walked to a nearby playground and had some lantern walking around there.

Then on 15Sept2010 (Wednesday), PaPa, Mummy and AL joined JL’s kindy with the night rounding the housing area within the kindy area. That night, JL had a sleepover at the kindy which was organized for all the 6 years old students. They made their own lantern and also learnt to make mooncake too.

On 17Sept2010 (Friday), Mummy’s poly classmate who stays in the same apartment brought her princess to play lantern at the apartment’s playground.

On 21Sept2010 (Tuesday), we had dinner in KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment with Yi Yee, Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong. After dinner, we went to the apartment’s playground to play lanterns. Each of the kids played 3 different types of lanterns:

1. The traditional big one

2. The traditional small one which AL loved it because it was light and JL would put up to 3 small lanterns on one stick.

3. The cartoon ones where AL was carrying JL’s old Mickey Mouse lantern bought by Sam Yee many years ago for JL (even before AL was born). We got JL this year a Donald Duck lantern since AL wanted the Mickey Mouse.

Generally, in our opinion, the traditional paper lanterns look nicer and also we didn’t need to re-light the candle until it finished burning unlike the shape lanterns, it was easier for the wind to blow the candle off.

On 22Sept2010 (Wednesday), it was the actual day and PohPoh’s elder brother invited us to their house for dinner and also lantern session in Sunway. Coincidently, Ah Chor (Mummy's PohPoh) was there from Alor Setar with PohPoh’s eldest brother. They would be leaving for China the following day. It would be Ah Chor’s first time going back to China since she was 8 years old. Ah Chor just turned 85 years old. They would be visiting Ah Chor’s village and also my late great-grandfather’s village too.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Happy Mid Autumn! She looks so cute now.

Hazel said...

they are having so much fun in playing no time to play it with my kids..

allthingspurple said...

wow.JL had a sleepover at kindy? The kids dared to sleep in a kindy one whole night without their mothers? My kids can't even sleep one night in their own house without me!

Babysmooches said...

Thanks for coming over. It was kinda fun! We'll do this again next year. :-)

slavemom said...

U're vy good at keeping the flimsy paper lantern. JL's MM lantern lasted more than 2 yrs. The ones I bot this yr, one edi torn even b4 they started playing with it. o.O