Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Memory of Alex Lee -- Mystery Cause of Death

This month, after going to Lisa’s funeral early this month, last night Mummy attended Mummy’s colleague’s funeral. He was Mummy’s colleague in Mummy’s previous team before Mummy moved to current department in March 2010. The whole team was shocked and didn’t expect him to leave all of us suddenly. We knew he was sick for past few months trying to get treatment. All the doctors could not find the reason of his sickness. It was an unsolved mystery.

He was 41 when he passed away leaving his wife who was only about 30. They had married for some years but yet to have any kids. It was until last night when we went to his house for funeral; nobody knew the actual cause of his death.

His lung was found to be totally destroyed. Doctors managed to take some sample from his lung and there were no trace of TB, Cancer or Bacteria. Some time ago, he even went to hospital to have whole body check-up including cancer marker test which came out as negative.

One of the time when he was in the company medical centre, Mummy happened to be there taking some medicine. He really looked very sick with thin body, messy hair, pale face with red patches skin on his skin which was suspected as medicine allergy. He was on high steroid medication for quite some time that he decided to put a stop when he could not bear the side effects of hair loss, stomach cramp, nausea and loss of appetite.

About 2 weeks ago, he admitted to Hospital A for about 1 week but the doctors could not diagnose the problem of him sickness that he discharged with big packets of multiple type of medicines. Then within short period, he re-admitted to Hospital B when he still did not get better, hoping the doctors in Hospital B would be able to help. In Hospital B, he was put into HDU and later to ICU as his condition deteriorated. He passed away yesterday early morning in Hospital B due to insufficient oxygen and his lung was damaged. His liver was also found to be not in good condition, maybe due to all the medications intake but we didn’t know the exact reason.

Nobody knew who to be blamed for unable to diagnose him properly. Would the family members able to bring this case to the law like how personal injury lawyers Tucson did?

Mummy joined the team colleagues to his house for the funeral. Up to this morning, we still couldn’t believe that he was gone. He would always cheer up the whole team especially when the team in stress rushing for deadlines. He was also Mummy’s regular breakfast partner. We would have our breakfast together and chit chat a lot of things. He was an experienced and knowledgeable person in technical whom we would get his advice all the time.

He would be buried tomorrow morning.

We prayed that he would rest peacefully. We hoped his wife and mum would be strong.


andrewjune said...

i'm so sorry to hear about your friend...
deepest condolences to his family.

Babysmooches said...

sorry to hear that. It's disheartening to know when friends pass away for certain reasons.
Your friend's death cert should explain the cause of it.
Life is precious. Sadly, many people are ignorant or just choose not to know it until it's too late.

Anonymous said...

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allthingsrpurple said...

its always sad to hear of a demise. These undiagnosed illnesses, and most of them fatal, seemed to popped up a lot more nowadays

jacss said...

sorry dear, i can imagine will be sad not knowing the reason esp for his loved ones!!
hope u r feeling better now.
may Alex RIP!

jazzmint said...

oh dear, that is so sudden. deepest condolence to his family

Mummy to QiQi said...

so funny something so unexplainable can happen to your friend. Must be difficult for all of you in the office to accept the fact that a good friend is no longer around :(

Gallivanter said...

May his soul RIP. I can only imagine the frustration felt, especially around his mysterious circumstances.