Thursday, September 09, 2010

JL & AL Shoes Collection….

Both JL and AL had a collection of shoes and sandals for different age group from baby shoes to shoe big enough to fit on kids feet. We usually keep to one pair of shoes and one pair of sandals for each size because kids grew up very fast.

PaPa always believed in getting good shoes for his kids because it was important to ensure the feet grew properly and also avoid any injuries. However, getting good shoes did not mean that we need to spend on expensive shoes. All the kids’ shoes and sandals did not cost us more than RM100.

All the shoes were purchased during sales and warehouse. PaPa would keep track of the sizes available at home so that whenever there was any sale, he would know what size to buy. Both kids had shoes at least two to three sizes bigger in the cupboard stand-by. We didn’t like the idea to rush out hunting for shoes and sandals when the kids’ outgrown from the shoes and sandals.

Some of the shoes we got for the kids…

JL got a few pairs of shoes from Treehouse. We got from the box during sales and managed to get a few different sizes for him. Most of these shoes were properly kept for AL.

This was one of the best bargain and also JL’s favourite. A Weebok highcut leather shoe which we bought for RM50 by just trading JL’s baby cloth shoe.

This was not our favourite. Even though it was less than RM50 but we found that the shoe was heavy and sweaty. JL must wear cotton sock all the time to absorb the sweats.

Now, JL was wearing a Timberland shoe which we bought from Warehouse.

AL got some girly shoes. Aunty Sasha hand sewn two lovely shoes for AL.

The top ballet shoe we bought from Baby Bliss after getting Cash Voucher for writing a review.  The bottom white shoe was presented by KongKong and PohPoh. AL had yet to get those nice pretty girl shoes with buckles.