Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our kids, Our Precious… 2

When we purchased our Digital Camera in 2008, initially we were thinking to get a Camcorder but unfortunately during that time it was still quite expensive. Recently, when we found that JL would be giving speech, we thought it would be time to start checking Camcorder price.

We went to survey and found GZ-MG750 Hard Disk Camcorder which was within our requirement. We didn’t purchase from the first shop but end up buying from another shop that had promotion where the price was cheaper than RM100 plus free spare battery. Initially the shop didn’t have any silver but managed to transfer from another branch for us. With the amount RM1399, PaPa signed up with 6 months interest-free installment.

It was great taking the moments with the kids and we really wished we had bought it earlier…if only we did… However, it was better late than never…

Next, it would be Christmas soon. It would be time to shop for Christmas presents and also Christmas tree. We would be recycling the same tree and ornaments. Hmm… maybe Mummy should find time to check Personalcreations.com to self DIY ornaments.