Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Kid's Prayer --- Our Kids' Prayer

JL learnt this song from the church. It was a very simple song but very beautiful. When he sang this song, Mummy was so touched till Mummy was almost crying deep in Mummy’s heart.

He was singing with full of expression especially at this line “I’ll never forget, never forget”, he would emphasize the word “never forget” and even AL joined along to sing the tune. Hearing them singing brought tears to Mummy’s eyes. Their hearts were soooo pure. AL even tried to follow the prayer in the beginning with a big, loud AMEN.

A little kid’s heart is innocent & pure. Little children are of the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3 & Matthew 19:14)

It was a touching reminder to Mummy…
What was Mummy’s prayer when Mummy was young especially as a young believer and what is Mummy’s prayer now?

Mummy hoped you all would be touched by this song too.

Verse 1:
I want to know You Lord
You are a great big God
I’m young and do not know a lot
Come and be my all

Verse 2:
I want to love You more
Giving you my life and all
You died for me
You sacrificed
I won’t forget You Lord

I love You Jesus
I’ll grow up knowing You
I love You Jesus
I’ll grow up serving You
I love You Jesus
My life was saved by You
I’ll never forget, never forget
I’ll grow up loving You


Julie said...

:( I wish I could sing this for Samantha.

chanelwong said...

Samantha is in heaven with Jesus singing and praising...