Friday, November 12, 2010

Yahooo…..AL - no more diapers

We had been using CD on AL since she was a baby except for a long trip where washing machine and drying area were not available, we would use the disposable diaper. PaPa used to keep track on all the disposable diapers prices but since we had cloth diapers, PaPa also lost track on the prices.

KongKong and PohPoh preferred to use napkin at home. This week Monday 08Nov2010, KongKong didn’t need to hand wash any napkin. We didn’t except AL to be potty train so fast because she was reluctant to sit on potty unlike JL who would sit on potty since he was a baby.


Our journey with JL towards diaperless

For JL we started to go diaperless daytime when he was 2 years old with lots of running into toilet every 30 minutes to 1 hour and the time slowly became longer. Also many wet moments in the apartment, cleaning the floor, washing his pants etc. Eventually, JL who got frustrated with too many trips to toilet in shopping mall, at last he spoke and told us, ‘no shee shee’. Then we told him then he must tell us if he want to ‘shee shee’ to avoid us taking him to toilets often (because we didn’t want him to wet the shopping malls’ floors or carpets).

It took JL very long to be diaperless at night because he was successful daytime but not night time. We even woke up at midnight to take him to toilet. At last, using the last option, we stopped him from drinking water and other fluids from 9pm onwards. It worked….which we were so happy.

Our journey with AL towards diaperless

AL had been able to keep her diaper dry overnight (at least 90% of the nights) even before she was 2 years old. However, she didn’t like to sit on the potty and even adult toilet. At last on weekend, we decided to let her wear pants at home and showed her the potty.

For a few weeks, she refused potty but she would come and tell us she had ‘shee shee’ that her pants was wet. Besides that, she was even able to tell us the place where she had ‘shee shee’ to that we could clean up immediately rather than hunting for the spot in the whole apartment. Then we encouraged her to tell us that she wanted to ‘shee shee’ before she ‘shee shee’. Next, she would tell us and we would rush her to the potty. Sometimes, it was just false alarm.

She was initially upset that she would insist that she wanted to wear the cloth diaper especially the flowery, red and sheep design just to name a few of her favorites. We decided to shop for some cutie panties for her to motivate her hoping she would forget about her cutie cloth diapers.

One fine day, she decided to take the pants off, sit on the potty herself and carry the potty with her ‘shee shee’ to show to us proudly. Then everyone would clap hands and said she is so clever. She would smile and said ‘Mei Mei clever hor…’ KongKong was so excited that the first few days, he would sms everyone whenever AL successfully ‘shee shee’ or ‘poo poo’ in the potty – a few sms in a day.

When we go out to shopping mall, she would tell us she needed to go to toilet. She could control her bladder well by giving Mummy some time to clean up the toilet. AL got a foldable potty last year that we decided it would be time to take out to use.


JL took us longer to potty train him fully but he was very co-operative boy.

AL took us shorter time to fully potty train her which surprised us because she was not co-operative initially like her KorKor.

So it is time for Mummy to keep all the cloth diapers until Mummy can decide what to do with the cloth diapers:

1. To pass to Mummy’s sister if she want to OR
2. To sell OR
3. Having another baby hmmmm still KIV ???

AL's 2nd haircut (07Nov2010) after her 1st haircut on 30July2010.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Well done Ariel!!!!!
P/S: Good luck to mummy :) You can do it!

michelle@mybabybay said...

You can save lots of $$$. Good on Ariel.

jacss said...

Such a clever girl, Ariel...and kong kong is so cute too, hahaha
sell them off lar then next bb got excuse to hunt nice CD again, lol

miche said...

Well done AL!!! No more mommmy's milk and now no more CDs. Mommy so senang now.

Mommy, let's go to option No.3! The more the merrier. ;) Put all the CDs to max use. :P

Julie said...

I'll say keep for #3. :)

Health Freak Mommy said...

Congrats to you and Ariel!! Baby C is still wearing diapers on and off :(
Considering 3rd baby? Hmmm... :)