Monday, November 15, 2010

JL 1st day Challenge

Last weekend, we went to Popular bookstore to get some workbooks to keep JL occupy. JL loved to play game which was common to any boys. PaPa gave him a challenge that if he finished 1 page, he would earn 5 minutes time to play the game. Mummy told PaPa that it was a simple task for JL to achieve because if he wanted, he could achieve is easily. It was a matter whether he wanted or not. Mummy wanted to set 1 page = 1 minute but PaPa said don’t be tough on JL.

Today was off day for JL because yesterday was his kindy concert. JL took one book from the pile we bought when he went to KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment. In less than ½ of the day, he finished up the whole 58 pages of the book. He proudly passed to PaPa to earn his game time which was almost 5 hours… LOL….

PaPa was busy marking the whole book and guiding him on the mistake… Now, JL was having his time off to play his game.

Hmmmm…. Mummy wonder would this be a continuous achievement or just the 1st day only….


jazzmint said...

think papa gotta change strategy :P

Ann said...

Good job to JL. When got reward, they will tend to do EVERYTHING faster.

Martini said...

Hi Chanel,
Be consistent to him and you will know the result. :)

Since he is going to P1 next year, can let him do the P1 workbook. Most of them have been taught in kindy.

A Mom's Diary said...

Good idea to get some workbooks. Better than let Yiu Yiu play and watch DVD whole day.