Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Toes injury

End of last month, Mummy’s department had the department YEP (Year End Program) 2010 for 3 days in Eagle Range Port Dickson. On the first day, it was a Treasure Hunt from Klang Valley to PD. Then a short talk before we had futsal competition on the first day. At night was a Theme Dinner by the pool side with lots of activities.

The 2nd day was a whole day of knowledge sharing by a few external speakers including 2011 Department Plan by our Head of Department. That night after dinner, some of us went for karaoke in Engle Range.

The 3rd day was Go-Kart competition in the morning and we all left home after lunch.

However, Mummy missed the Go-Kart due to toes injury on both side. It was due to unsuitable shape of the shoes which Mummy wore for the whole day on the 1st day from Treasure Hunt to Futsal. That night, Mummy had to wear sandals instead of low cut boots. The following day, Mummy had to wear sandals with office wear. Both toes were so painful especially the right toe under the toe nail was blue black. Mummy’s colleague gave an oil to ease the swell and pain. Since it was a compulsory to wear sports shoes when playing with Go-Kart, so one of Mummy’s team members had to ride 2x on behalf of Mummy. It was a team of 5 where each member had to go 5 rounds then during exchange to next driver, each group had to answer a set of questions before the next driver is allowed to go on track. Each mistake of the question would get penalty of additional time add on the team overall time. Mummy helped with the questions and also cheered up the team.

After the trip, Mummy went to see doctor and was given antibiotic to threat the infections. After 5 days, if it didn’t get better, Mummy would need to remove the nail. Left toe nail was red but no sign of infection unlilke the right toe nail. However, the antibiotic caused a side effect on Mummy that the next day, Mummy had to go back to see the doctor to get the antibiotic changed. After 5 days, the infection was cleared off but the nail was still black. Mummy negotiated with doctor alternative to avoid minor surgery since Mummy’s exam was just around the corner. Doctor said Mummy can leave it and let the nail slowly removed as the new nail grew. It would be a long process and Mummy was not allowed to wear closed up office shoes for time being.

PaPa said Mummy should get a suitable sports shoe and he had already got a pair for Mummy from US which Mummy not sure how it would look like. Would it be branded shoes like nike, addidas response etc? Hmmm… a Christmas surprise? Just got to wait and while keeping Mummy busy with exam…..


LittleLamb said...

get well soon.. looks very teruk.

slavemom said...

Oh dear, wearing the wrong pair of shoes can cause such a big prob. Good thing there's no more infection. Yeah, since there's no urgency, better to let it jes outgrow the black part itself, instead of going for surgery.

Mummy to QiQi said...

poor u. hope it heals quickly!