Friday, January 14, 2011

BeyBlade Fever

JL is into BeyBlade fever and thanks to his PaPa. It is an expensive hobby but JL is so blessed that his PohPoh got him most of the blades including 3 launchers and a stadium as his reward which he earned from a few occasion. On top of that, Yi Yee also got him another different stadium plus Sam Sok got him and PaPa some spare parts for last year Christmas.

One of the nights, PaPa, JL and even AL were having time together. AL could even launch the BeyBlade and even imitate her KorKor,

“3-1-2, ready go” – supposed to be 3-2-1

“Aiya… MeiMei lose already”


jacss said...

errr....first time hearing such a thing, haha
good luck learning jeriel :D