Friday, January 14, 2011

JL’s 1st BeyBlade Competition 12Dec2010

It was JL’s 1st BeyBlade competition on 12Dec2010 and was at Empire Square. He was eliminated at the 1st round having to fight with a very experience boy. This boy had been to at least 7 competitions and usually would be the top 5 of each competition. JL was disappointed but we told him it was ok because he was still new. He would need to learn more with PaPa’s help on how to strategize his blade and what type of blade and accessories to use.

The competition area was in front of Toys r Us with insufficient that most of audience had to stand up. Walking, standing and running, hopefully would be fat burners that work.

Honestly, Mummy was very lost with all these different type of blades and accessories. There would be another competition this weekend which we were not sure whether to go or not to go… We knew JL would want to go... Let’s see…