Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Backpacker & Camping

PaPa and I always prefer carrying backpack rather than shoulder carry bag. We bought backpack with a lot of compartments to carry the kids’ things when we go out. Having to carry a backpack would free up both our hands to manage the kids.

We also got small backpack for each of the kids to carry to church. Every Saturday during church going time, we would be carrying three backpacks in the car. The kids would each carry their own small backpack to church. After church service, I would transfer their water tumblers to the bigger bag and use the bigger backpack to go out for our after church activities such as dinner time etc…

Even to office, I would be carrying notebook backpack with no handbag. All my other personal belongings would all be in the notebook backpack.

At times PaPa would check out in the internet and magazines such as Backpacker Magazine Gear Guide 2011 to get update and maybe one day we may venture into a real backpackers family going for camping. JL had been asking about camping but I don’t think we are ready for that yet…