Wednesday, April 06, 2011

BeyBlade Competition -- 13 & 19 March 2011

After going two competitions where 1st competition JL lost at 1st round and at the 2nd one he lost at 2nd round, JL wanted to go for more competition. PaPa had been helping him to understand the different ways to fix up the blades and the strategy. PaPa also took some time to practice with JL so that he would properly launch the blade.

During the last school holidays, there were 3 competitions but we only registered for JL 2 competitions.

On 13 March 2011, he went for a competition in Parkson KLCC. He won the 1st round but lost the 2nd round. PaPa was with JL, taking video captures while I took AL to walk around Parkson in the stroller. AL and I were checking some girly things like her favorite pink things and also we walked pass the lingerie section. I was admiring those beautiful lingerie especially those sexy bridal lingerie. Opps…a bit of side track and back to BeyBlade.

After losing the 2nd round, PaPa studied the video capture with JL to explain what can be done to improve further. Their discussion was only between PaPa and JL. I never understand the BeyBlade language (and strategy) except there were the blade, handle, compass and launcher.

On 19March 2011 (on JL’s 7th Birthday), JL went to TheCurve for a BeyBlade Championship. It was the biggest competition for BeyBlade with a lot of experienced contestants. JL did well and was the top 4 of his group.

1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round

4th Round (Top 4 of the Group)

He was the youngest among the top 4 in his group. However, he did not make it to the semi-final losing to a previous year champion. If JL would have met any of the other 2 boys, his chances to be the top 2 in the group and be in the semi-final would be higher.

Here was JL taking photo with the last year champion who beat JL during the top 4. PaPa and I were proud of his achievement. We told him win or lose, it was ok as long as he tried his best and yes he tried his best.


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Way to go, JL!!!! Please teach this old auntie what beyblade is!!!

LittleLamb said...

Actually I dont know how this works.. Let me google for some video..eheh

prince n princess mum said...

I have no idea what beyblade is...... But to be the youngest among top 4, you're certainly amazing!~

LindaLow said...

Looks like this is the age for Beyblade now. Brandon is also into it:)

jacss said...

ooh dear...yr son is also into this toy ehh?? both sean & scot are crazy over beyblade which took this mommy so long to digest!!
but kudos to jeriel, can participate in competition at such young age.
eh next time got such event, let me boys would love to attend :D

chanelwong said...

bryan & brandon's mama
I also don't know how to play hi hi...

you can few a lot in the youtube i think...

prince n princess mum
top4 in a group. I think there were 4-6 groups overall..

it is a fever worldwide...

will do...will let you know when is the next one...