Tuesday, April 19, 2011

PohPoh’s Experience in Education…

We learnt through experience from our 1st child. JL changed 2 kindy from the time he was 3 till 6. It was a great learning experience for us. When it was AL’s time, we were more experienced but still learning.

However, from JL’s experience, we realized that a good system can be a good system if it was executable correctly but could be a lousy system if it was not properly execute. No matter how good is a system, if the teachers have no passion and love for kids, it will not be effective.

I was fortunate to have a mother who is very experience in kindy since 1987. My mother was a principal when we were young. Later she became a consultant back in north giving people consultancy and training. She sacrificed her passion and moved to Klang Valley just to be with JL. JL left his nanny who had taken care of him since he was 2 months old with loving tender to be taken care by his grandparents.

PohPoh only had SPM and was working as a nurse in a clinic. After married, she became full time housewife. A pastor’s wife offered her a job in a kindy where she went for courses during school holiday and eventually completed the whole course under Persatuan Tadika Malaysia. Besides that, she also took several different courses including SmartReaders etc... From a person who had no experience in kindy but with a passion and love for kids had driven her to develop herself. Even till now, her desire to upgrade herself has not stopped… thus making her a better person. She is very patient even to manage the toughest kids. She managed from the most difficult kids to special kids (e.g. autism).

JL had his Montessori skills being taught by his PohPoh when he was 3 at home while he attended a kindy using FG system. Montessori skill was a long term skill developing the kid’s motor skill. I didn’t appreciate much but now I could see the outcome from JL. From a simple holding pencil skill has indeed helped him in his school for example the ability to copy from the blackboard fast and neatly.

PohPoh was also the person who helped to prepare JL for Standard 1 in Chinese school. She, same as me, was not Chinese educated. We were glad that JL was able to adapt well in Chinese school without having problem understand instruction in Chinese. For a child coming from a family with parents knowing zero in mandarin, he was managing well.

AL was fortunate to be taken care since she was a baby. She was able to hold pencil very well just before she turned to 2 years old.

When we had AL, we moved JL from FG to a kindy nearby the apartment to avoid the morning rush. As time passed, PohPoh eventually became the kindy’s advisor.

This year, JL and AL were blessed because PohPoh helped to set-up the ‘Anching’ centre to guide JL and also a full Montessori for 3 years old (for AL). After discussion with PohPoh, we decided to let AL go through Montessori system for 2 years before we start to prepare her for Chinese School when she is 5 years old. Knowing that we will not be able to afford Private or International school, so we need to make sure AL is as prepared as her KorKor when she go to Standard 1.

For a person who loves kids so much that she makes sure the kids are well take care from balanced food to clean place to rest.

What I learnt from my mom is, regardless of the system used, the most important is the principal and teacher who run the place. It is s difficult to find passionate and loving teachers because education has become so commercialized and money making business.

How do you hunt and survey a kindy for your kid?


Elaine said...

Truly agree. No matter how big the organization can be with many branches, but not all are good. It depends on the principal and teachers. That's why I never choose franchise kindy.

You are lucky to have your mum to take care of your children's education.

Health Freak Mommy said...

Your mum is such a capable lady!

Ann said...

Oh...you are so blessed indeed. As your kids are so blessed. It's true the teachers and principal is very important.

My choice of kindy was more due to location and the fact they have daycare rather than anything much.

Now, I sometimes regret sending my son to this kindy. But coz hubby and I don't have support, daycare to us is very important. So, at home we have to right some of the wrongs he picks up at kindy.

chanelwong said...

I agree with you Elaine......

health freak mommy
yes she it...I also don't know where she got her energy..

it is not easy Ann, I understand. We still have to guide the kids at home because kindy cannot be managing them due to numbers of kids..
My son now in Std 1 is also picking up a lot of new things which we need to guide him too...

jacss said...

chanel, you & your kids are truly truly blessed & lucky to have such passionate mom/pohpoh who can also educate apart from purely babysitting !!
and i can't agree more on the part that the teachers' role DO make a big different on the kids' development...and it is one of the key reason that 'forced' us to switch the boys out of chinese school :(

zmm said...

Indeed you are lucky to have a mom who's so passionate and involved in her grandchildren's education and care, and having experience in education is an added bonus.