Monday, May 16, 2011

Room #2 Changes

Among all the rooms in our apartment, Room #2 went through the most changes. The last change was in 2009 when we took over the big cupboard from Sam Yee’s apartment.

It was from this

To this in 2009

This year 2011, we decided to partition the room into 2 as JL’s room and Storeroom. It seemed to be a small renovation but it ended up almost 3 weeks.

With the messy apartment, at last, on Wednesday 11May2011, the contractor completed to wall except for the door knob. That day itself, PaPa and I started to clean up to make some space in the living and dining area. We only ate our dinner after midnight and slept about 2am. The whole Thursday, PaPa continued  to clean up the apartment trying to arrange all the things as neatly as possible as the space got smaller in order to make space for the kids to have their own room Due to the cleaning up, PaPa had a very bad rash especially around his arms because it was not covered.  I read on nanocleanse reviews and whether will this help him or is there any alternative natural remedy to help his skin instead of steroid?

Up to the time I am writing this post, the door knob is not fixed yet. Sigh… Sigh…