Thursday, May 19, 2011

Before 2011 Renovation

I shared a lot about the kids’ room from the previous posts
Last photo shots of the kids’ room

A peak to our previous tiny Office cum Storeroom (now is AL’s room). I didn’t manage to take the photos earlier, so please ignore the messiness because it was in the midst of moving things out for renovation.

Here was the Office Area with Desktop Table and Office Table. This Office Table would be JL’s Study Table.

Here were the wall cabinets mounted above the Desktop Table and Office Table. We got these wall cabinets free.

The other side of the room was the store area which was made of metals frames and wood shelves. PaPa set-up the shelves by himself (DIY). He bought the materials and set-up by himself.  In front of the store area, PaPa bought a few 3-tier box-shelves and joined all together to make 2 big bookshelves to cover both metal shelves (Store area).