Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The wonders of Flowers

Seeing flowers will always make a sick and down person alive. I love seeing flowers but it made me sad seeing the flowers died. Fresh flowers are more beautiful than plastic flowers. Besides that, fresh flowers cost more expensive than plastic ones. It has been a long time since the last time I got big fresh bouquet of flowers. Recently, JL and AL’s ‘anching’ centre cum kindy organized sports day. Each kid was given a rose to be given to theirs mummies. I got 2 red roses from JL and AL.

I still kept all the fresh bouquet flowers I got from PaPa during our courtship time in a few containers after drying up the flowers. Even though it was not many (I think about 4-5), but each bouquet brings back the fond memories. I happen to surf around internet to see some nice flowers and find a lot of nice ones especially from Seattle florists.

I miss seeing the flowers I seen in Keukenhof until I saw Wai Leng’s blog. It brings back all the fond memory. I was there in 2000 where all photos were taken via films. I enjoy walking the whole park breathing cold and refreshing air with my eyes enjoying the nice and colorful flowers in the garden. So nice…