Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Working from Home

With my new department (actually not really new because it was slightly more than 1 year, how time flies…), I have the option to work from home and flexi-time when I go to office. In office, we are given common long table to work on or another word hot desk. I still usually go to office since my office is nearby because there are a lot of follow-up phone calls to be made.

My company does not reimburse phone calls and internet because working from home already helps to save petrol and tolls. Besides that not every department in the company is being given such privilege. I hope one day this benefits will extend that we can do web conferencing from home like other company. Most probably my company should consider buying software such as MegaMeeting Webinar Software.

Anyway, for time being, I will enjoy my flexi-time when I go to office plus having office nearby to home. I usually opt to work from home when I have to do manuals and reports because it is hard to concentrate in the office hot desk environment.