Wednesday, July 20, 2011

AL’s 3rd Birthday – Part 1 (16July2011)

Yes, she is already 3.

I still remember it was less than 1 hour when I went into the labor room when she came into the world on 20July2008 at 1218. PaPa didn’t make it on time to witness it because everything happened too fast.

She was different than her KorKor. However, she got all the love and attention from her KorKor who loved her a lot. For time being, she was the princess to everyone being the only rose among the 3 (soon 4) immediate cousins. PaPa’s elder brother (Tai Pak) would be having his 3rd boy this September and so far no new addition on Mummy’s family side yet.

AL’s celebration started earlier. On 16July2011, we collected AL’s cupcakes from Aunty Jo for her church toddler celebration at that evening. Yes, she specifically requested for Angry Bird theme few months ago. It was very simple just cupcakes and small party bags.


After that, we went to SJ to collect her Angry Bird Jelly. She wanted a blue Angry Bird Jelly. She loved Jelly more than Cake. I found this website since last year and AL remembered her pink Jelly Cake we got her when she was 2. I was happy to find that it had blue Angry Bird. Sharon from JellyCakeHouse helped to add addition base at the bottom of the blue Angry Bird with some extra cost. It was indeed very heavy.

It was a simple regular immediate family gathering in our small apartment. The guests had simple food which was jelly cake and also Haji Samuri Sate.

AL was blessed with all the wonderful grandparents, uncles and aunties who showered her (and also JL) during all the birthdays and Christmas. She had a lots of wonderful gifts that she was confused that night on which one to play first. She had all she wanted including Nerf Gun, Miss Mouse, Vanity Table, beautiful clothes and also Angry Birds soft toy.

To be continue….


giddy tigress said...

Your post reminds me of the day I read about AL's birth story. Feels just like yesterday, yet it has been 3 years ago. She has indeed grown into a lovely young lady. Happy birthday AL!

LittleLamb said...

Look at all the gifts she got..She is one happy gal over there.

chinnee said...

Hahaha...happy belated birthday to AL. birthday celebration she gets so many pressies ah? Like that your house must be very FULL with so many pressies over the years lor??

jacss said...

wow...that's a lot of pressies!! omg Ariel plays nerf gun??? hahaha

Sasha Tan said...

oh i missed her bday. Happy Birthday Ariel. Muaks muaks

Anonymous said...

She looks cute in the midlle of her BIG birthday presents...:)

Happy Belated Birthday to Ariel.