Thursday, August 11, 2011

AL’s first friend birthday party

Last Saturday (13Aug2011), AL attended her very first kindy classmate’s birthday. It was Sarah birthday. She was excited while showing us the McD invitation card. It was the first time she is getting an invitation card under her name. McD had changed the design of the cards unlike to previous one which was Red and Yellow but this one is pale green background. Even though it was not that vibrant but still it look better than Halloween invitations cards.

When we arrived at the party, AL decided to stick like glue to either PaPa or KorKor or myself. However, it was her first time and we hope she would be much better next time. Initially, she was requesting for birthday present and we had to explain to her that it was Sarah’s birthday. She was happy carrying her party bag and also balloons home.


chinnee said...

Wah! tai-kor-lui already now. she gets invitation to party, how cool!