Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PaPa’s very own guitar

When I knew PaPa in poly, he was carrying a guitar which belongs to his father. He was learning by himself on how to play the guitar chords. All his hard work paid off. He was the only person among his brothers who learn to play guitar.
He wanted to get his very own guitar for many years but never materialize due to cost. I also wanted him to get a reasonable good one. We begin to attend CG regularly since December 2010. PaPa was the only guitarist playing for CG.
Last month, we went to CG Prayer Retreat and coincidently, Yamaha was having sales in TheCurve. PaPa called me at office asking whether he should get it. It was almost RM 1200 after 50%. The guitar also can be plugged to the speaker which was useful for the prayer retreat.
It was bad damage on our expenses but good thing we still managed to survive without having to get any payday loan. Praise the God for providing us. It was priceless seeing PaPa playing the guitar during CG and at home worshipping God. Yes, it was priceless...
I am so happy that PaPa got his guitar at last…