Monday, December 05, 2011

Hong Kong 23-28Nov2011 – Day 02 Disneyland

Let me continue to write a long overdue story of our trip…before the end of 2011. Even though it was long overdue story, I would like to keep the encounter recorded somewhere with some photos. The posts are not as interesting and colorful as compared to those written by Sharon. Check out her blog...

24Nov2011(Thurs) – Disneyland

The kids woke up and had breakfast in the room. I did tuna sandwich. They took tuna sandwich with milk while PaPa and I took our traditional kopi o. After breakfast, we went to the lobby to catch 10am free shuttle to Disneyland.

As we walked from the bus parking area to the entrance, we took some photos. The kids were excited. AL was in her stroller. Upon arrival the entrance, we bought the tickets and I got 10% for my corporate ID. Since it was only for 4 tickets, we opt for the discount on the 4x adult tickets.

The first thing we did was to purchase 3-in-1 meal coupon so that we will have lunch and dinner at 20%. Each family purchased 2 sets. Then, we took the train to the Fantasy Island. Some of the places which we covered:

• Fantasy Island - Carousal
• Fantasy Island - Dumbo Ride
• Fantasy Island - Winnie Pooh (Fast Pass)
• Toyland – We were queuing up for the parachute ride but go to let go due to long q and we need to rush for ‘The Gold Mickeys’ show.
• Show: The Golden Mickeys
• Lunch
• TomorrowLand - Space Mountain (Fast Pass)
• Flights of Fantasy Parade
• Festival of the Lion King
• Fireworks

Time was too short for us to catch up with all rides and taking photos with the character. Surprisingly the place was crowded with a lot of tour group from mainland China.

After ‘The Golden Mickeys’ show, we found our old stroller was missing. We wasted some time doing report to the staffs in Disney. They offered us a free stroller to use in the park. If our stroller was not found, we would choose any stroller from the Lost & Found section.

While we were going for Space Mountain ride, we found our stroller parking just opposite. AL quickly changed stroller because she didn’t like the plastic feeling of the Disney stroller. Since Eryn was not feeling well, we passed the Disney stroller for her to use. Guess what? While we were queuing for a car ride, PaPa and AL were waiting outside as AL refused to ride. The Disney stroller (which was labeled with our name) was parked at the parking bay while the rest queuing up for our turn. It was a long Q. During that time, a group of mainland ladies and kids were walking and suddenly one of the ladies went to the parking bay and just took our Disney stroller. Imagine PaPa who was zero in Mandarin began to shout in Mandarin that that was our stroller. The lady said sorry and thought the stroller was provided by Disney. What an excuse… we suspected these was the group of people who was going round taking strollers from the parking bays from their own usage. Why can’t they just bring their own or rent from Disney right?

AL was sick and most of the time sleeping or refused to play. She only played some. After the fireworks, there were ‘snow’ (foam) and we went to get t-shirts for 4 of us.

Instead of taking the free shuttle to the hotel, we opt to take the MTR from Disney to Tung Chung where we took a bus back to hotel (because we missed the shuttle back to the hotel from Tung Chung area). The MTR from Disney was interesting with the window and handle made out of Mickey’s shape.

It was a rushing trip and JL was upset because we didn’t cover most of the places. If the hotel price promotion was still on, we would make a trip back here. Besides that, AL had requested to bring her back to Disney to get her pink princess dress. Poor girl was sick during our trip to Disney. All was ok except the bad experience of losing our old faithful stroller but we found it which was great.


chinnee ( said...

Looking back now, it was a great trip right, despite all the tiredness we all had, hehe...

A Mom's Diary said...

Poor AL - she couldn't enjoy her Disney trip.