Friday, December 02, 2011

Hong Kong 23-28Nov2011 – Day 01 Arrival

It was around middle of this year when we were deciding where to go for this year. We decided to go Hong Kong since AL was big enough to understand the Disney characters and also my colleagues had been sharing to me the good deal corporate rate for Skycity Marriot.

Even though the hotel was near to airport but for the price it was very worth it (much cheaper than staying in 5 stars hotel in Malaysia). The room was big with 2xDouble Beds and a lot of free shuttle:

1. Airport shuttle every 20 minutes (24 hours)

2. MTR Tung Chung shuttle every 30 minutes (last shuttle was 10pm)

• This was the same place where the Hong Kong branded factory outlets located – Citygate
• This was also the same place to take cable car up to Ngong Ping
• If we were to miss the free shuttle, we could take bus S1 back to hotel (located next to MTR Tung Chung) which had frequent bus service till midnight.

3. Disneyland – 10am (to) and 8.45pm (back)
• Optional : MTR Tung Chung to MTR Disney (change train at MTR Sunny Bay)

Under my corporate rate, I was able to reserve 2 rooms that I asked Sharon if she would like to join for the trip. Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong were already had their plan to go to Europe at the same time.

Sharon was checking for her flights. She would be flying in with AA and back with MH. We would be arriving on the same day but different time.

23Nov2011(Wed) – Arrival

We took 9.15am flight and arrive just before 1pm. It was not a very smooth flight with a few turbulences. AL was cranky recovering from her high fever due to throat infections.

Upon arrival the airport, we were stop due to AL’s high fever 39+. We were escorted to their medical section to be interviewed and were given a letter. If AL’s fever did not subside within next few days, we were required to go to the hospital and show the letter. AL did not have fever that morning but I still gave her medicine. We were not sure why her fever suddenly went up even after medication. Too excited of the trip?

It was a long queue to get clearance at the immigration. After collecting our baggage, we went to get some Hong Kong maps and also bought Octopus cards for Sharon’s family. As for us, we had 2x Octopus cards from Sam Yee and Sam Yee Cheong plus 1x Octopus Card (Child) from Yi Yee. We just reloaded the Octopus cards.

We went to hotel counter at B05 to get our free airport transfer instead of waiting for the Marriot (every 20 minutes) Bus Shuttle at the Bus Stop. The staff pulled the bags for us and we sat in an Alphard to the hotel.

We check-into the hotel for both rooms. I registered for free Marriot membership in order to get free Wi-Fi in the hotel. It was a spacious room overlooking the airport. Everyone was too tired that we dozed off.

We took the 4pm shuttle to MTR Tung Chung. Before we left, we put the hotel access card in a sealed envelope and specifically inform the concierge to hand it to Sharon’s hubby, HH (later we found that they actually check HH’s passport to validate before handing the envelope).

At MTR Tung Chung, we went to Citygate to walk around. My cousin, Natalie who was studying in Hong Kong came and met us about 530pm in front of New Balance. She was late by 30 minutes but we appreciated her for taking trouble to come all the way to meet us. It took her about 1 hour to travel from her place to here.

We continued to walk and chat. We went to the grocery to get some bread and cereal. We also got some fresh juice for the kids especially AL who refused to drink much plain water. We found that the bread had no preservatives and only lasted about 3 days. We continued to walk and chat until about 630pm, she have to leave for an appointment. We went to McD to wait for Jazzmint who would be meeting us at about 7pm. While waiting, JL wanted to eat Apple Pie.

Yes, at 7pm, we met Jazzmint together with Faythe and Vyktore. Jazzmint took us for a lovely steamboat nearby. While we were having our dinner, Sharon called to inform us that Eryn was having fever.

After dinner, we went to Jazzmint’s condo to get children fever medicine for Eryn. We missed the free shuttle back to hotel. Jazzmint showed us where to take the bus using our Octopus Card to pay for the fare. Thanks Jazz because it really helped us for the next few nights when we missed the free shuttle without having to get taxi.

Upon arrival the hotel, we put our things in our room and went to Sharon’s room to pass her the medicine and also the food. We exchange a short update and all back to own room. The kids decided to spend some time playing in the bath tub…before zzzzz


Sharon said...

Thanks for the fun-filled trip, Chanel. We truly enjoyed it. It was funny that Eryn had fever at 39.5 upon arrival but it went down one day later. But her horrible tummy ache and non-stop toilet visits in Disneyland plus the almost sleepness night made me cranky too. LOL

slavemom said...

Aiyo... must be tough travelling with not-100%-fit kids. Hope AL's fvr din come back the next day.
Skycity Marriot sounds like a vy good deal. Vy convenient with free shuttles.

chinnee said...

seems like we all had our ups and downs with the kids in this trip. Certainly not easy to travel with kids so young, and even with QQ, i was so afraid of having her run down by the bus or taxi while walking on the narrow street of mongkok. Not only we had to carry the boys, we had to hold on tight to QQ also because she refused being held by Popo. Hand almost wanna putus. **...Now i m still sweat thinking about what had happened every single minute in HK although it is great to see those smiles in the pictures ya...