Sunday, January 08, 2012

MMUTKD+Master Chia’s 65th Birthday 07Jan2012

Last Saturday, we went to Melaka for my Sir’s 65th birthday and also the gathering of MMUTKD. We stayed a night in a friend’s house.

It was a great time meeting some of the old friends who went training TKD 1-2 per week. Being the pioneer group, I felt so old.

I was the first batch of MMU and a lot of sports activities were not properly set-up. Before MMU, I was involved in athletics in PUO. I was never good in racquet games. So, I decided to join TKD. I started from ground zero – White Belt and within 2 years of my study in uni, I graduated uni with Blue Belt. My master asked me to continue which I never did. I hope I didn’t disappoint Master Chia.

Master Chia gave option to us to have 2 classes per week – once in uni and once outside uni without extra charges. A few friends and I decided to attend the extra classes with no regret. I was very fit and alert. We also went to our classes during exam weeks without fail because after night TKD classes, I would usually go home, bath and study. Yes, I would only study at late night and the next day I would go for morning exam. After exam, I would zzzz and study at late night.

Those were the days in uni but I was more active in my poly time….that would be another long story…