Monday, April 16, 2012

AL - Baby Ballet Class

AL, being a typical girl, has been asking about ballet since last year. I was slowly looking for a place which is near home because KongKong would be sending her in case there were no classes during weekend. Besides that, fee was another factor.

At last during almost end of last year, I found a place with reasonable fee for Baby Ballet at RM60 per month. I emailed to book a space for AL as the current group was already full. It was months of waiting and when I follow-up on Jan2012, I was informed that the new group would be form only in Feb2012.

It was not a very big centre but good enough and as for Baby Ballet Class, currently they would only open one class in a year.

AL started her class in Feb2012 wearing the pink ballet costume hand-down from Aunty Yuet Leng’s daughter.

How was AL?

She was so excited but scared. We knew she loved the class but I soon realized that she felt strange with new teacher and new friends. She would take long time to get use with the new environment. Initially I had to dance with her for 2-3 classes. Then, PaPa followed her into the class. We encouraged her through rewards for example, during classes they would be using a lot of things for activities such as magic wand, hulla hoop etc…

It was not a good idea in long term as parents were supposed to be in the observation room. PaPa and I were caught in work that we got KongKong and PohPoh’s help as her class was on weekday.

When everyone asked her today would be her ballet lesson, she would say ‘not going’. She would be in tears going up the class and after the class, she would be singing all the way home happily. PohPoh kept encouraging and didn’t want to give up. After a few months, PohPoh managed to be in the observation room and AL would walk into her class alone.

Last week she has been asking whether when would be her ballet lesson. ‘Why no lesson today? I want to go....’

Thanks to PohPoh for all her creative ways in making AL adjusting herself, for example,

‘AL, this line in the class is to divide between small kids and adults. So, I will sit this side and you will need to stand the other side’

‘AL, you did so well but PohPoh unable to take photo because the best view to take photo is from the observation room.’

PohPoh even bought her a pink ballet shoe and tied up her hair before lesson.

We are now looking forward to see her in her first dancing performance in September 2012…