Sunday, April 15, 2012

JL 1st Quarter 2012

JL is in Primary 2 this year. How time flies…
This year instead of Ground Floor which is reserved for Primary 1 and instead of 1st floor, his class is located at 2nd floor. The first few days, we monitored him going up the staircase with his trolley bag. We reminded him to walk at the side and take his time. He said the first day for tiring but subsequently he got use and had no problem.
I still continue to pack food for him and he save all the money we gave him.
He requested us to let him go for basketball and robotics class without wanting to sacrifice his other 2 activities, TKD and Art Class. After much persuasion, we let him join only basketball and not robotics. We pre-remind him that he would need to sacrifice all his morning because we were keeping the Sunday morning free for him to zzz and now his Saturday mornings would be TKD and Sunday mornings would be basketball.
Some parents would think why are we making him soo busy but it was at his request. Giving me an option, I would not want to add any extra activities for him. We negotiated with him that if we find he is tired and it disrupt his study, than we will need to remove 1 or maybe 2 activities from his schedule.
So far he survives the first quarter of the year….


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