Friday, April 13, 2012

Our 15th year…as couple

Today 13April marked our 15th year as couple since 1997. We knew each other a few months in poly and decided to get into serious relationship. It was just about 1 month into relationship that we split direction (not separated but location) because we need to further our studies as we promised to our parents and to ourselves.

I went to south to get my degree and when I came back to work in central, DH was in north finishing his degree. After about 5 years of ups and downs, connecting only via daily snail mails, 2-3x a week public telephone and occasional meet up during holidays, we met in central as working adults.

We decided to tie our knot on the following year in 2003. Initially we wanted to tie our knot on the same day we started as couple but the date was not on Saturdays and also it was not during school holiday. So we decided to get married about 1 ½ months later… so in 1 ½ months time we would be our 9th year as hubby-wife.