Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Wheels Walk Track

It was last month when I went to collect Hot Wheels Walk Track for review. We were busy during school holidays that it was towards end of school holidays that we managed to open up to explore it.

I thought only my boy would like it instead my little girl was excited too. PaPa helped them to set up in JL’s room wall. It was quite simple and fast.

JL was managed to bring out all his hot wheels cars collection to be tested on the track.

Both JL and AL took turns to play and they had a lot of fun. AL as a girl loved the Hot Wheels Wall Track too. To see the cars going round and land on the floor was really fun.

Currently the track is still on the wall and JL would play with it. Seeing the cars coming down the track with some stunts really excite him. It is a good, short and fast way for him to distress from his school works.


Health Freak Mommy said...

I've not seen Ariel for so long. She's pretty chubby eh? And very cute!

chanelwong said...

She still got her chubbiness..but now much lesser....