Monday, July 23, 2012

AL’s 4th Birthday

Our girl was 4 on 20July. Our baby had grown up…
We had immediate family gathering in our apartment earlier on Saturday 14July2012. It was simple fried noodle, fried rice, satay and Jelly Cake. The kids loved Jelly Cake. The theme was Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). The last trip to Hkg Disney in May2012, we got her a princess dress and she chosen pink color Sleeping Beauty. She was wearing her princess dress walking around and the tiara which we got it free from McD.
On her actual birthday which was on Friday, we ordered 100 cupcakes to celebrate in the kindy. The extra was for immediate family and also her ballet class friend later in the evening. She was too shy to change into her princess clothes and decided to be in her kindy uniform. She was a very confident girl but she was extremely shy in front of crowd during her birthday. She was trying to kneel down that I had to be next to her during the whole session.
After her kindy celebration, she followed us back and we informed the teacher that we would collect her homework later in the evening from the daycare centre. We had McD for lunch. After a short walk, we went home to let her take her short nap before her baby ballet class.
We managed to get individual plastic cup to pack the cupcakes individually for her friends and teacher. AL wore her socks and shoes in the class by herself. It was an emotional moment when I saw her having fun interacting with teacher and friends in the ballet class. During the end of the lesson, we let her distribute the cupcakes to her friends. Her teacher and friends sang her a birthday song.
During her ballet lesson, PaPa went to fetch KorKor from his school. After baby ballet lesson, we went to shopping mall for AL’s birthday dinner just 4 of us. We decided to try Sushi Zanmai. It was a long queue but the kids were sitting down quietly listening to their iPod. JL had his iPod last year from Yi Yee for Christmas and also doing well in school exam. AL got iPod from PaPa and Mummy for this year birthday. We got a good deal of about 50% for a new iPod from a great friend.
After dinner, we walked around Cotton On and also Toys r us. Last but not least, the family all time favorite dessert, Snowflakes. We ordered the combo promotion where one of the combo for the day was the kids’ favorite, Sea Amber Jelly.
The following day was Saturday and it was her last celebration in church as she would be moving to kids’ service with her KorKor. She was excited to change to her princess clothes with tiara but turned shy in front of everyone. She had 40 cupcakes for church celebration. On that day, her teacher gave her a graduation letter to promote her from toddler to kid. The teachers would miss her a lot because they had seen her grown up so much from 1+ to now 4 years old. She had been a very active and confident little girl to them.
Next year onward, AL would only have celebration with family and in kindy only. It was as usual simple with no big party. The kids especially AL was happy.
Blessed birthday to our Princess AL…. We love you a lot…..