Sunday, July 29, 2012

Electrical items bargain…

It was an unplanned purchase when we saw sales in Best Denki One Utama. The similar study table light which we bought for JL earlier was on sale for the display unit. It was slightly more than 50% without the fluorescent tube and needed some cleaning up. PaPa said as long as it was still working fine, he would clean it up and it would look new even though it was a display unit. Besides that, the fluorescent tube would not cost much too. The display unit came with one year warranty.

We wanted to change JL’s wall light because it was not bright and all units were sold off. If only we knew the sales earlier and able to grab via online. The Source Flyer website provides the online purchase with some additional services especially trade-up service where a customer can trade-in the old one to upgrade with the new one. This would be useful especially our old faithful ceiling fans were still working well even after more than 10 years and we wanted to upgrade to new ones without having to waste the old but still functioning.

For time being, we will just continue using the old fans without wasting unnecessary money.