Monday, July 30, 2012

Our Dream Home

Our dream home is not a big home. We just wanted a decent space of home and not too big. The bigger the home, it will be even harder to maintain plus we tend to accumulate more things at home. Besides that smaller space also will keep us closer and cozy.

We love our current small home space but wish just another small store room, a small space in dining area for PaPa’s mini office and a bigger kitchen for us to cook as family. It will be nice to have but not compulsory to have a bit bigger wardrobe for PaPa and myself. Other than that, we love our small mini living room where we are closed and warm watching television. Our master bedroom is small but we are fine with it. The mini bathrooms are also just nice for us without having to worry to clean big bathrooms.

Additional dream we love to have will be a small garden for the kids to run around plus plant some vegetables. Currently, our balcony is just limited for drying clothes and the kids will play around our wide corridor in front of the apartment when there is no time to go to the apartment’s playground. I dream of hanging outside our small garden relaxing with small camp fire. I have even seen some home in overseas having those permanent cozy outdoor fire places.

Yes, it is just a dream. Currently, we are contented with our mini small 845 sq ft home. PaPa and I are in the midst trying to look for idea to make more space.