Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our day 28July2012, Saturday

Today was a full day for us. We had back to back activities which started as early as 7am.

We started our day with JL’s tkd at 730am. After his tkd, we went home and the kids took their bath. It was time for them to finish up all their homework. Sam Yee Cheong bought Kolok Mee and Sarawak Laksa for our lunch. The kids had their lunch while watching a DVD.

Then, it was time for JL’s art class. While JL went for his art class, AL and I had a short zzz at home. Since PohPoh’s birthday was just around the corner, the kids decided to design a birthday card for her. Besides that, JL also wanted to finish up his school art homework.

It was a big mess on the dining table both up and down, while I was in the kitchen cooking for a simple dinner. It was baked bean with onion, chicken and egg. As for green, we would be having fresh butternut leaves.

The kids cleaned up the mess with a lot of argument, typical kids. Upon JL’s request we went to the playground where the kids played there for about one hour. After sweating time, the kids headed to the bathroom for hand painting fun on the bathroom tiles. I heated up the rice to prepare for our dinner. When I was going for my shower, I told the kids it was time for them to take their bath.

Dinner time was another DVD movie time for all of us. We had our family time watching the Mulan 2. The kids had ice-cream for dessert and durian for supper. We had a short reading time and family prayer before the kids zzzz because it would be another busy day for us especially JL tomorrow…