Saturday, July 14, 2012

Preparing for AL’s birthday

AL’s birthday is just around the corner and she is so excited because she will be wearing her princess dress.
We went to Hong Kong (yes again in May2012) and this time AL enjoyed herself in Disneyland. Last year Nov2011, she was sick and slept most of the time. She wanted the princess dress and was upset when we came back without one. This time, we promised her and it took her some time to choose which dress she wanted. At the end she decided with the pink one. Can you guess which princess wearing a pink dress? There were many accessories to match the dress including shoes, tiaras,  charm bracelets, necklaces etc.. Did we buy any of the accessories? Nope. We just bought the dress for her.
The dress is now hanging at her cupboard door waiting for AL to wear for her 4th birthday…