Monday, July 09, 2012

Sunday 08July2012- My first photo shooting for a magazine

I was invited by Vivian Foo from Fabulousmom to be interviewed for a magazine on breastfeeding. Besides that I was required to take photos for the magazine. It was something new and I never had this experience before.

Together with other 3 wonderful mummies, on Sunday 08July2012, we went to a studio (which was actually a house) to have our photo shooting and also interview. On Saturday afternoon which was the day before, we went to FM Puchong to try out our clothes. I took a simple long blouse and matched with a black thigh.

The whole make-up and hairdo session was more than one hour. The last time I had to sit and do such a long make-up+hairdo was more than 9 years ago during my wedding day. Well, I am very lousy when come to decorating myself especially hairdo and make-up. Sound like I am not a real woman hor…

After my photo session with all the stiff and unnatural movement…cannot imagine how the photos looked like. It was PaPa’s time to take photo with me because the theme was breastfeeding support. It was undeniable that PaPa was my main supporter when it came to breastfeeding. If not, AL would not have enjoyed BM for 2 years.

Hmmm… when was the last time we took photos as couple? Again, it was more than 9 years ago during our wedding studio shooting and also our wedding day photo shooting.

It was about 3 hours plus (started at 3pm) for the whole session and we left the house to our early dinner. The kids were getting impatient roaming around the house trying to find things to entertain themselves. They were glad that it was over.

At night, a tedious process was to remove the make-up especially the eyes. Without proper make-up remover, the only solution I had was Baby Oil. It was not easy and fast but I managed to remove it…

What magazine and when? It is still a secret…. Will review when it is published…..

Thanks Vivian and Magazine XXX for giving me this 1st, wonderful and priceless experience. I hope I did a good job for you…