Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Tiring…no choice…just do it….survive

Having no live-in or part-time maid since we got married was challenging. However, PaPa and I managed to survive without kids, than with JL and now with 2 kids. We tried to manage what we can and it was hard to keep it as perfect as when we had no kids. I had to close my eye for a lot of things especially at this time when my body couldn’t take extra stress and tiredness.

Some people suggested getting help from my parents but I refused because knowing they need rest more than I need plus they should be enjoying their lives instead of being burden with ours… They had helped a lot by taking care of the kids when I go to work which I appreciate that a lot.

When my parents were down and sick, I cannot help them directly much but indirectly, I tried to manage to kids more by taking time off or taking leave so that they can rest. My sisters would be running around more assisting them. At times, I felt bad because I cannot help much but I hope by taking over the kids during office hour will ease the burden.

With my current condition, when I strain myself more, my whole body would jam and my tummy would hurt. I am not complaining but usually I would ‘tahan’ to complete my task and rush to take a very short lie down. I am not sure how long I would be able to ‘tahan’ but I always pray to God to give me strength and protection.

To make the burden more if everything just dropped on my lap on the same time – parents not feeling well, workload deadline, the kid fell sick and PaPa’s working late or in outstation. How did I survive? I was also not sure. I try to rush home to cook simple dinner and glad that JL was a simple person to accommodate.

I hate to whine and complain to others on my situation because it is my life and I will handle it…however, it would be sad to know some people who do not understand the situation will be thinking the otherwise…

Sorry to rattle on this early morning….I just needed to release out some ….no point to dwell into it but just to move forward and just do it… God has been great all the time….


Babysmooches said...

Chanel, I noticed that you've been extremely tired and rushing deadlines now and then. It's ok to ask for help if you can't manage. I can understand your situation cos I'm also without a maid for years and without any close family members that can assist me with the kids esp when DH is away.
Ignore those who are ignorant. They are practically "useless".
On weekends when Othniel is away, you can come to my house for meals. I can help with groceries.
Call me if you need to vent out your stress out. I can give you a listening ear.
Take care.

chinnee (chinneeq@gmail.com) said...

You need to be healthy and fit in order to keep everything in order. Therefore, you must NEVER-EVER neglect and strain yourself, like what Sharon said. Ask for help if you think you need. You have your families around, waiting to lend their hands. It would hurt your parents most if they ever find out about your situation.

You know your body best. Take good care and get all the rest you need ya.

A Mom's Diary said...

Don't overstress yourself. If you need help and you don't wanna burden your parents, I'm sure your sisters will be more than happy to lend their helping hands, especially with your condition now.

Why not consider catering food, to relieve you of the need to cook dinner? I know catered food is not that great at least it lifts a burden off your shoulders. Or perhaps just cater for few months till you are more settled?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chanel,
Like Mom's Diary said, maybe u can consider to cater food for temporary until u feel better. Or buy some homecook food.

Cooking no matter how simple it would still take time.

Rest whenever u have time. Take care.