Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan

After going through bad sickness especially smell of the frying food plus lethargic, I decided I should plan for simple dinner for the family. The kids’ weekday dinner usually would be settled by my mom. As for PaPa and I, we would pack or eat out. On weekend usually would similar pack or eat out.

Packing back or eating out really cost a lot plus getting to a stage that we didn’t know what to eat. JL also requested whether can we cook simple dinner and he wanted to eat with us. How can I disappoint my dear boy and he requested for very simple food.

I started by designing a simple form to ease the weekly plan meal plus what ingredients were required to buy without having to rush out during weekdays to get the missing items. The advantage of having the plan, it also avoids me from thinking what to cook for the day and also what to buy during weekend.

We started with 13Aug12 Monday plan for the week. It went on quite well. It was not a fantastic food but glad it was edible. We saved not only on money but also time from travelling out. Wastage was at minimum but of course extra washing and cleaning up but it was all worth it… PaPa also helped out on the days when he would be earlier than me.