Monday, September 10, 2012

MeiMei = JieJie

AL has always being the MeiMei since she was the only girl in both families. JL’s and AL’s kindy’s teachers who have seen her since baby too called her MeiMei instead of AL.

When we found that the next one would be a girl, we told her we have to call her JieJie instead. Initially she said call her MeiMei until baby is born than only call her JieJie. Then, we explained to her that baby would get confuse and how we are going to address baby when we talk to baby while baby in Mummy’s womb? She was in deep thought and at last agreed to be called JieJie.

It was a lot of adjustment for her and also us because we were so used to call her MeiMei… Being the only girl who has all the attention, it would be a bit of challenge to everyone in order for her to feel that we still love us even when baby arrive. She has become super ‘manja’ and wanted one of us to sleep with her every night until she zzzz…..

We hope she would be a good and loving JieJie as her KorKor who has been a great and loving KorKor since AL was in the womb until now…