Saturday, October 20, 2012

Baby#3 Check-up 19Oct2012 – 8th appointment

It was normal 2-weeks once check-up. I am getting much heavier till PaPa commented that I walk like a duck. I even had problem waking up from the bed in the morning. I even had to sit to do washing of plates/cups/bowls/pans etc.. and also to hang clothes.

03May2012 – 1st appointment
25May2012 – 2nd appointment (55.9kg)
16June2012 – 3rd appointment (57.9kg)
19July2012 – 4th appointment (59.7kg)
25Aug2012 – 5th appointment (64kg)
21Sept2012 – 6th appointment (66.2kg)
05Oct2012 – 7th appointment (65.9kg) – Baby was about 1.5kg
19Oct2012 – 8th appointment (67.5kg) – Baby was about 1.86kg

When gynae announced the baby’s estimated weight, I was silent and my gynae knew me too well. He mentioned and said “ I know what is in your mind and you are wondering how are you going to push this baby out… I know you too well, you cannot hide from me…”. For the last few visits, without fail he would give us 3D photos of baby. PaPa said the baby look like KorKor. I would have to dig out KorKor’s 3D photo to compare.

We managed to get some small things during Jusco Baby Fair Sales. We bought Nursing pads, Pigeon Liquid Cleanser, Napkin Cover (we bought 3x for each size) and Nappy Liner. We also collected the Nursing Pillow from our friend who happened to be both husband and wife also studied in the poly with PaPa and I.

PaPa was rushing to finish up his reports and hopefully he can start the kids’ room project soon….


chinnee said...

so excited for you, Chanel :)

A Mom's Diary said...

Is the baby considered big? When are you due?

chanelwong said...

Thanks chinnee

Wai Leng, as compared to the elder two, this will be bigger than korkor n jie jie..