Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hot Wheels Walk Track 2

Yes the kids got another Hot Wheels Wall Track to play. We got the box earlier but JL was busy as his exam was around the corner. The box was parking in JL’s room waiting for the kids to open it up and have fun.

The kids enjoyed the last Hot Wheels Wall Track including my little girl too…

When we told the kids it was time to open the box, they were super excited and waiting anxiously to try out.

It was our family time while I took some photos, PaPa assisted the kids in setting up the track on the wall. JL was busy reading the manual while AL trying to help by passing the parts to PaPa.

Since the previous wall track was in JL’s room, we decided to set this one in the living room just above the kids’ bean bags.

This wall track was different from the previous one which the kids tried earlier. Besides requiring batteries, it was an interesting fast moving which went in loop non-stop. JL explored with one car and later tried out with more cars. After that, he taught AL how to play with this new wall track. Both of them would be so engrossed seeing the cars running so fast in loop. It was so fast that I was unable to capture the cars movement.

Both had fun especially JL after all the busy exam weeks. It was a good way to reward him. Well done Hot Wheels in creating such an interesting yet interactive game for the kids.