Monday, October 15, 2012

Thankful for blessings being showered for baby#3

Since baby#3 would be our last one, we didn’t want to spend unnecessary plus we were trying to save as much as we can. Having this precious #3 is God’s blessing and we trust God will help us. Besides all the discomfort of this pregnancy due to age such as backache etc… God has been great to us…


The last time when we had AL, a friend lent us a babycot to be placed in KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment. After that we returned back to her. Recently, when she found that I was pregnant, she said that she just gave away to charity.

We decided to pray and see how it goes. We had plan B in place just in case. Our plan B would be letting baby sleep on an adult single bed with bed rail so that our babycot can be put in KongKong and PoPoh’s apartment. However, deep in my heart, I would love to have baby sleeping in babycot so that she can sleep in the nice bed sheets like her KorKor and JieJie.

It was a surprise sms I got yesterday when a friend ask me whether I want to have her daughter’s convertible babycot. It was more that I prayed for, a convertible babycot which baby#3 can use till toddler…

Nursing Pillow
This was similar to AL’s time where a friend lent me the nursing pillow. After that, the nursing pillow was sold to another friend. I was already plan to use multiple normal pillows to replace the nursing pillow when the friend who bought the nursing pillow offered to give it to me as a blessing…

This was just a wish list and not priority because JL and AL didn’t use that. I wish to have this so that baby#3 can be sit up playing with her KorKor and JieJie or see her KorKor and JieJie playing…while I am busy with other work… (When she is ready to sit on it)

However, for the price, I would not want to spend since it would be for a short while. Another wonderful friend said I can have the Bumbo on loan until baby#3 outgrown and return back to her. This was a wonderful piece of news.

Same case as Babycot and Nursing Pillow, the last time the extra bouncinet was on loan too… Just during lunch time (30 minutes ago), I got a message from a friend who told me to come and collect her bouncinet. Now we would have extra one bouncinet to put in KongKong and PohPoh’s apartment.

For the first 1 year, we had enough carseats for baby to be used on PaPa’s car, KongKong’s car and my car. However, once baby#3 outgrown from the baby carrier, we only had 2 convertible carseats. Having to change convertible carseats in apartment would be a challenge especially with my kancil where there was no safety belt in the car. PaPa had made a modification on the kancil to ensure that the carseat is safely fixed in the car and it would be a hassle to transfer it often. It was something we would just manage when the time comes.

Somehow, a friend asked whether I want a used convertible carseat few months back.

Time is running fast as my check-up is  two weeks once… PaPa is now into making adjustment with the kids’ room as both rooms need to be repainted. Once the rooms are settled, time to take out baby’s clothes and CDs for washing… We also need to sort out how many bottles to get plus some other small things such as bottle cleanser, nursing pad, maternity pad, confinement herbs, herbal bath etc…


chinnee said...

Chanel, you are truly blessed :)

giddy tigress said...

Indeed, the Lord is great, and will watch over us all the time. My blessings and prayers are with you, my friend. Take care :)