Sunday, November 18, 2012

Baby #3 Check-up 02Nov2012 & 16Nov2012 – 9th & 10th appointment

It has been one month since the last update on the baby check-up. This baby is for sure a much bigger baby than KorKor and JieJie. The last estimation of the weight was already heavier than KorKor whose birth weight was 2.58kg.

03May2012 – 1st appointment
25May2012 – 2nd appointment (55.9kg)
16June2012 – 3rd appointment (57.9kg)
19July2012 – 4th appointment (59.7kg)
25Aug2012 – 5th appointment (64kg)
21Sept2012 – 6th appointment (66.2kg)
05Oct2012 – 7th appointment (65.9kg) – Baby was about 1.5kg
19Oct2012 – 8th appointment (67.5kg) – Baby was about 1.86kg
02Nov2012 – 9th appointment (67.9kg) – Baby was about 2.2kg
16Nov2012 – 10th appointment (69.3kg) – Baby was about 2.6kg

Kids’ Rooms
The kids rooms were done except for the doors which were not painted. PaPa painted at least 2-3 layers on each wall including the ceiling. This time he painted one of the walls white so that the room would not be too green or pink. PaPa had already set-up the wall fan to replace the ceiling fan in the pink room. He also fixed up the light on the previous ceiling fan spot.

Currently, JL would be sleeping with AL in the pink room until AL would be big enough to sleep on the top bunk. JL’s room would be baby#3 temporary room. It would be good too since baby#3 would be waking up often for feeding, JL’s green room would be nearer for me to walk over plus so that JL and AL would have a good uninterrupted sleep.

Baby’s Things
Baby cot had been set-up. For the past few weeks, it was washing and washing and washing… Weather was not a good weather that our aircond in the hall had been on longer than usual so that the hot compressor would help in drying up the clothes. However, the clothes would only be semi-dry clothes. I would hang up the newly washed clothes while sending the semi-dry clothes to the dryer. Our hardly used dryer was also being maximized this time to dry up the semi-dry clothes. We had our 4 people clothes to wash including baby stuffs to be washed.

By this week, all the baby clothes had been washed except nursing pillow, diapers and baby bed sheets which would be the last few batches to be washed. PaPa would be busy sorting out and arrange the baby clothes. We also need to get the baby carrier and carseats to be washed and cleaned up. Besides that sterilizer, electric warmer and breastpump would need to be tested too.

We hope there would be some sun in order to send the inner part (coconut husk) of the baby mattress for sun bathing at PaPa’s brother’s house. The mattress cover would need to be washed.

There would be Pureen Warehouse this weekend and hopefully PaPa would be able to squeeze his time to get rubber cotsheets and soap powder. I would also need to get Magic Stick.

Christmas Presents
Christmas presents were all wrapped except a few more gifts which we need to purchase. We hope to be able to set-up the Christmas tree before baby#3 arrival.

Currently I am down with bad congestion and cough. Every cough would cause a piercing pain on one part of the tummy which was very painful.

Time is running short….baby#3 please hang on and wait until we get the apartment ready before your arrival.