Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby #3 Counting Down…

Today is the end of 37 weeks and tomorrow will be the beginning of 38 weeks. Yes, we are counting because JL was 3 weeks early and AL was 2 weeks early.

Hospital bag is already being packed except for some last minute things to be put into the bag. PaPa has already set-up the baby carrier cum carseat in the car. JL will be sitting in between his two MeiMei.

Things pending
  • Setting up baby mattress and bed sheet
  • Washing all the Cloth Diapers (main task)
  • Clean-up baby’s room
  • Buying Magic Stick
  • Cleaning up the bath tub
  • Setting up Christmas tree and with one more pending gift to get
  • Sending baby bedsheet and bath tub to Grandparents’ apartment

Things to be done later
  • Sterilizing bottles and pump

As for me, walking around is a major task for me with much bigger and heavier tummy. I also have problem to sleep and moving on the bed from one side to another side plus waking from the bed is a main task for me. Due to this, I am having insufficient sleep thus feeling very tired.