Thursday, November 08, 2012

Happy Blessed Birthday my Dear @ PaPa….

Today is my Dear’s Birthday…

On 29 September 2012, PaPa went up to the church stage for the first time singing in the worship team. As a wife, I fully supported his desire and seeing him up the stage for the first time, worshipping God was a joyous moment which was hard to describe. I was so thankful to God for blessing us. On the days when he needed to go for his practice and his duty, I would always be grateful to God for giving me the strength to handle the kids alone including driving JL for his activities.

Last nite, I tried to bake a simple chocolate cake but it didn’t turn out as expected… yes I was super disappointed.

I hope I can do something for him today but office work and meeting are keeping me full. Tonight, PaPa will be having his church worship practice. I am still thinking….

The kids and I pray that you will always be happy, healthy and God will grant you all His blessings upon you. We love you…

Happy Blessed Birthday to you,
My Dear @ PaPa......