Monday, November 05, 2012

Project: Shoe Cabinet rearrangement

As baby#3 delivery approaching, we decided we need to make space in our small shoe cabinet. We realized that there were a lot of different box sizes and it did look messy. We were trying to figure out how to maximize the space and make a row for baby#3.

For a woman, I didn’t have many shoes which were good. We bought a few shoe containers from Daisho to test on the shoe cabinet and found these containers were great. The containers were less bulky and transparent. After testing, we went back to Daisho and bought more to replace both PaPa and my shoes boxes. All the shoe boxes were flattened and sent to JL’s school for recycle. As for the kids, we decided to keep in their original boxes since the boxes were small.

The project completed successfully before end of October 2012. The next project would be a big project and PaPa might need to check to get some parts and tools to make kids’ rooms swapping project.